Putting In Standing Seam Roofing – Selecting Steel Roofing Finishes

When selecting installing All Star Roof Systems , it is not simply functional aspects of the work, which include understanding tips on how to put in a metallic roof, or more about residential metallic roofing apps that are a factor. Aesthetics and also the visible enchantment from the roof with your property can also be really critical.

Not simply do roofing finishes affect the aesthetics, but according to the coating or substance you decide on when installing your metal roof, you might either get roughly a long time of company from it. Below absolutely are a several complete solutions defined.


If setting up standing seam roofing with a galvanized finish, you are choosing a delicate metal substrate, with an electro-galvanized complete. Because of this the sheeting is coated using a thin layer of zinc, which can be bonded for the sheeting.

Ideal for putting in standing seam or other metal roof sheeting that’s not close to the coast, this option isn’t going to delay effectively underneath marine or industrial ailments, so keep away from it in case you stay near the sea, or in an urban location using a large amount of pollution!


Just like galvanized sheeting, zincalume coating is a combination of zinc and aluminum, bonded to your gentle metal substrate. This sort of coating holds up much better less than tricky maritime and industrial conditions, and a lot of manufacturers give an extended guarantee on the sheeting.


Aluminum sheeting is much additional expensive, but as it is non-ferrous, rust will not be an issue. For household roofing applications exactly where an exceedingly very long lifespan is a requirement, or even commercial or industrial application this is certainly an ideal option, if you’re able to afford it.

Other Metals

Some sheeting producers will probably be well prepared to roll particular orders, dependant on larger sized quantities, in metals which include copper. The cost is often larger, but these other metals can develop a distinctive visual attractiveness, and may supply superior corrosion resistance. Discuss with your provider regardless of whether they provide any distinctive metals.

Colour Coatings

Though you could choose for a basic galvanized, zincalume or aluminum sheeting, you could make your mind up, when putting in standing seam sheeting or other metal roofing, to opt for pre coated solutions.

These coatings are bonded on the coated foundation steel applying a heat process, similar to powder coating. Metal roof colours vary from provider to provider, but there are actually a substantial selection. Additionally to featuring a far better aesthetic, these metallic roof shades are frequently confirmed for some time, delivering the metallic roof installation guidelines on the company are adopted.

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